It is the art of professionally preserving elements such as hair, placenta, umbilical, breast milk or even other inclusions like a piece of your mom’s wedding dress or sand from your favourite vacation spot and making it into a piece of jewelry.
If you’ve ever gone through a significant moment in your life such as the birth of your child(ren), breast feeding or even the loss of someone, we’re able to take a small inclusion from that period of time and preserve it into a pendant, ring or even earrings.
Every piece of jewelry that goes out is hand made and professional preserved. When the inclusions are set, we go through each piece to ensure it meets our quality standards before it is sent to its new home.



What would you recommend as far as caring for my jewelry piece?

We recommend caring for it as if it were an opal  or a pearl. Never submerge in water/chemicals and be careful of fragrances. 

Where are you located?

We are located in Airdrie, Alberta and ship all over Canada

Do I need to refrigerate my milk when it's shipped?

No, not at all. Since the milk is not being consumed, there is no need to expedite the package and/or have it refrigerated when shipped. The milk can be out at room temperature for a year and still be okay to use in the jewelry.

What is your refund / exchange policy?

Due to the type of jewelry we offer, we do not offer refunds or exchanges. We are a small business and work with other artisans to custom create your jewelry pieces just for you! 



Why does it take so long and why is it so expensive?

The preservation process from start to finish is about 4-6 weeks. This is why we ask for UP TO 12 weeks turnaround time once your inclusions are received. It's a tricky method; one which we have perfected over time. This method cannot be rushed and involves a number of labour hours which reflect in our prices.

Where do you ship to?

Currently we ship within Canada​

I want to make sure my inclusions make it to you safely. Can I request a signature upon delivery?

We completely understand and want your inclusions to arrive safely as well. Please refrain from requesting a Delivery Signature on any inclusion packages. It lengthens the turn around time if a signature is required as it then has to be picked up from the post office. 



What if I just placed my order and want to cancel?

When your order is placed, we place a request with the specific artisan who then proceeds to help create your beautiful piece. Everything is custom made according to ring size and any other unique details. With this being said, we are unable to offer refunds since your order helps support other small businesses. If there is an issue within 24 hours of ordering, please let us know immediately so that we can try offer you an alternative item.

How long do I have to send in my inclusions?

You have up to 4 weeks from when you place your order, to ship us your inclusions. Obviously, life happens! If you need more time to send us your inclusions, please get in touch with us.



You have up to 4 weeks from when you place your order, to ship us your inclusions.

Placenta Powder

(1 capsule)

Please note – we do not work with raw or frozen placenta. The placenta should be sent to us in capsule form.

Umbilical Stump

{Please only send one half of the stump!}

The umbilical stump should be dried / dehydrated. The umbilical stump will be ground down for use in our studio, to collaborate in your particular piece.


(at least 0.75 - 1oz)

We recommend using milk storage bags – triple bagging the milk is ideal, to avoid any possible leaks in your package. If you don’t have any milk storage bags, any Ziploc bag will work.

Again, please follow the three bag rule as we would hate to have any leak out! Feel free to send frozen, expired, bad, refrigerated or fresh milk. When your breastmilk arrives, we will begin to preserve it immediately.




(1/2 tsp) 

We recommend double or triple bagging the ash in ziplock to prevent any possible leaking in transit.


(1” is sufficient and about 0.5" in width)

Please place the hair inside a folded up piece of paper and place into a storage bag of any kind. If you’re unsure, send more than you think we will need.


Please reach out to us prior to placing your order

Any questions, please contact us at, we’re more than happy to help!


If you're sending multiple inclusions, please separate them into different storage bags (such as breastmilk storage bags, Ziploc etc). We understand life happens so please let us know if your inclusions may be delayed at all. We are unable to offer refunds as we work with other handmade artisans to create your pieces.

Send your inclusions by letter mail or tracked mail. Please do not request a signature upon delivery. We send out an email confirming the arrival of your inclusions once it’s in our studio.